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Pensions for contractors and freelancers are a great way of investing in your future. But, if managed properly, they can have a massively positive impact on your tax bill today, too.

Channelling your contributions through your limited company, rather than paying into a fund from your net income, is a great way to ease the burden of safeguarding your lifestyle after you retire.

To find out how you can legitimately get the taxman to contribute almost as much to your nest egg as you do, please continue to our Contractor Pensions page.

ISAs and Investments

ISAs offer a flexible way for contractors and freelancers to invest. With the peaks and troughs in earnings all-too familiar to the self-employed, saving plans that rely on a regular monthly contribution aren’t always practical.

Whilst there are limits to how much one can contribute to an ISA in any given tax year, the amounts are considerable. Perhaps even more important for those newer to contracting is that the funds are immediately accessible for those unforeseen expenses.

If you’re looking for a great way to earn interest tax free on cash and stocks, then our contractor guide to ISAs and Investments is a great place to start.

Contractor Finance/Factoring

We’ve all been there. Masses of due monies in the invoices we’ve raised, but little in our own account. Factoring is an established way for businesses to access the cash tied up in invoices to bridge the cash-flow gap.

Our product goes a step further. By partnering with Contractor Finance, we can grant freelancers access to cash that’s tied up in their timesheets, and at an incredibly affordable rate!

For more information about how you can draw money before an invoice has been settled by your client, read on in our Contractor Finance and Factoring guide.

Property Insurance

The problem with comparing property insurance online is that a lot of the products these machines dredge up using their special search engine are not like-for-like products. This can be a problem when coming to claim.

With so much going on in our business, it’s easy to skim the Ts & Cs, putting our trust in the insurer that you’ll be covered when the time comes.

Our service takes your individual circumstance and ensures that you’re insured against things that matter to you! The full S.P. is available to read or download on our Property Insurance page.


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